What is Bio-data?

A Bio-data is a summary of one’s identification, qualification and intended career path. It is a formal arrangement of one’s personal inventory. In other words, a Bio-data or resume can be defined as a written statement that includes a person’s personal data, education and employment background etc. it is also known as ‘curriculum vitae’, ‘qualifications document’, or ‘qualification brief’. It acts as an advertisement of a person’s qualifications and stimulates the potential employers to call the person to the interview.

Murphy and Hildebrandt defined, “Curriculum Vitiate is a document labeling one’s qualifications and career path.”

In the opinion of Bovce, Thill, and¬†Schantznan, “A resume is a .structured, written summary of a person’s educations, employment background, and job qualification.”

According to Kitty 0. Locker, “A resume is a persuasive summary of one’s qualifications for employment”

Thus, it is clear that resume is a factual statement that describes a person’s personal, educational and employment information. A job applicant prepares a resume and submits it along with his application for a job. A customary resume usually includes name and address, education background, work experience,

achievements and awards, personal data like nationality, gender, religion, age hobby etc and reference.