Mention the major characteristics of mass communication

Mass communication is a communication which is occurred between large people. Actually, mass communication is processed through which a message is widely circulated among the persons who are far and away from the source. The main characteristic of mass communication is as follows:

  • Specific objectives: Every communication, has a specific objective. Without objectives no communication is held. Mass communication has also a specific objective which is depend on the subject matter of communication.
  • Common messages: Mass communication transmits or delivers same simultaneously messages to vast diverse and scattered audiences.
  • Source of a message: The sources of mass communication message generally are a person or group operating within an organizational setting. Examples of these sources are news reporters, television producers, and magazine editors
  • Messages are sophisticated and complex: In mass communication, messages are sophisticated and complex. Whereas the message in interpersonal communication may be simple words and short sentences, mass media messages are quite elaborate. Examples of mass media message are a news report, a novel, a movie, a television program, a magazine article, a newspaper column, a music video, and a billboard advertisement.
  • Limited information: Such audiences are brought together by a single shared interest in the particular message available through the mass medium. Message sources generally have only limited information about their
  • Mass medium: Radio, Television, Internet etc are examples of media which are regarded as mass media because they can reach out to the vast audience at a time.
  • Impersonal: Messages of mass communication have remained impersonal since there is no personal touch of a medium. The impersonal of mass communication is the need to reach large, diverse and scattered audience almost at the same time.