What is a good business letter?

The letter that contains business-related issues and the information are called the business or commercial letter. It refers to the letter in which business people or person exchange information with various business firms, customers, suppliers, employees, banks, insurance, companies, government agencies, business associations with aimed at selling or buying goods, obtaining information, placing orders, making inquiry r etc and other related issues. Some important definitions of the business letter are given below:

According to Hanson, “The letters which are exchanged among businessmen connected with business affairs are called the business or commercial letters.”

According to M. Omar Ali, “Any letter designed and directed to the exchange of information connected with trade and trade-related activities is known as a business letter.”

According to W. J. Weston, “Business letter is the process of accomplishing a business transaction in written form.”

So, the Business letter refers to a formal written letter where business-related issues and information is exchanged with the suppliers, customers, clients, banks, insurance companies, government agencies or other external parts of the organization.