This Week in TechCrunch Experts E-Commerce Trends, Growth Marketing Predictions

This Week in TechCrunch Experts E-Commerce Trends, Growth Marketing Predictions

Rebecca Lynn, co-founder and general partner of Canvas Ventures, writes about the most recent problems facing growing marketing teams, as well as some of the advice she has given and received from CEOs and marketing leaders. Lauren Weinberg, CMO at Block, One Medical CMO Doug Sweeney, and others remark on her message. Jonathan Martinez, a growth marketer, discusses his growth marketing forecasts for 2022, as well as incrementality testing, influencer marketing, video ads, and other approaches.

“Of all the platforms being generated, ones that use artificial intelligence is one I’m keeping a close eye on for the time-saving ability it affords growth marketers,” Martinez says of the adtech field.

With his e-commerce predictions, Ben Parr, president, and co-founder of Octane AI helps us kick out 2022. Parr looks ahead to what is on the horizon, including web3 and NFTs, and offers recommendations on how to proceed with your startup. Should internet retailers’ start thinking about stocking NFTs now? Shopify is currently piloting a pilot program for Shopify Plus clients that allows them to sell non-fungible tokens on its platform, but Parr still advises waiting and seeing:

Once a Buzzword, Digital Transformation is Reshaping Markets
This Week in TechCrunch Experts E-Commerce Trends, Growth Marketing Predictions

“Unless you’re deep in web3-land or have a large enough budget for brand experimentation,” adds Parr, “you should definitely wait till the technology matures or only dip your toe in the water to begin.” “Having a JPEG and putting it on the blockchain isn’t nearly as difficult as making a spectacular NFT launch.”

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