Strength of Pluralism

Strength of Pluralism

Strength of Pluralism

Pluralism is a community of people or organization groups were representing the social interests of the group of citizens. It is a condition or system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority, etc., coexist. It is a social system in which diverse groups maintain autonomous participation and influence.

Unlike all other societal structures, there are some Strength and Weakness in a pluralistic society. Those are discussed below.

Below describe the strength of a pluralistic society:

(a) Support for social freedom: Many persons fear excessive power by business or any other institution because their freedoms will decline in this type of situation.

(b) Many Opportunities for leadership: There are so many leadership avenues open; persons with leadership potential need not feel suppressed in their efforts to gain leadership. In effect, the pluralistic social organization is a training ground for leadership and a progressive society needs a large supply of leaders.

(c) Tolerance of Other ideas: They become aware that different ideas and approaches to problems are necessary to serve different needs. Since their own loyalties are diversified. they are tolerant of the loyalties of others likewise diversified.

(d) Improve Social Decision: Since pluralism brings many organizations clamoring to present their different points of view, it provides a large variety of inputs into the social decision-making process.

(e) Satisfaction of different humans needs: The field of psychology indicates that people are individually different; consequently, they have different need and want patterns.Ge