Modern devices applied for business communication

Communication has seen drastic changes in last century. The advancement in science and technology has affected the way people communicated with each other on this globe. The change has been felt more over in Business Communication. One of the reasons for the effect of technology on Business Communication has been the phenomenon of Globalization. In past two decades, the world has shrunk into a global village.

  • Website

A dedicated website for business is not only for marketing or sharing information about the business but it also is a strong communication link to connect with the customers. Most business people are still ignorant of the potential power the website brings to their business. It is still underplayed and so people have their websites but most of them are static and archaic. It is rarely updated and few of them care to respond to customers who are trying to contact them through websites. It is surprising to see that very few business houses are reaping the benefits of the cost-effectiveness of using it as a communication tool.

  • Email

Electronic mail (email) is a letter transmitted using internet technology. The transmission may be between two computers or smart mobile devices which support the transmission of data through the internet. The beauty of email is its speed of transmission. Now and then, email is compared to traditional mail wherein email stands triumphantly ahead because of its speed and cost-effectiveness of transmission of information. The email reaches farthest corner of the globe within the millisecond. The only condition is that the said corner should be connected to the internet. It does not only send text messages but also sends images, colorful graphics, audio and video messages (multimedia messages). Emailing is almost free of cost. Today, there are several email service providers like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, Rediffmail.

  • Blog

Weblogs or blogs are traditionally known as digital diaries to keep records of a journey, routine work or sharing information on relevant topics or used for self-expression. Just like email service providers, there are free blog service providers. Some of the popular free blog servers are, etc. The companies have their own personalized blogosphere which is much protected and under control from unwanted users and hackers. The openness and transparent nature of the blog can be used effectively by business houses to provide the online platform to their stakeholders (wholesaler, retailers, customers, clients, per business groups, workgroups, and employee) to access relevant, useful and timely information.

  • Smart Mobile phones

Mobile phones (smart as-well-as simple) have better penetration in the market than laptop or computer or internet technology. It is believed that the uses of mobile phones are ten times greater than internet users in India. The growth rate of mobile phone users is far ahead of internet users. Thus, it gives greater opportunity in using smart as well as simple mobile phones as a business communication tool. All simple phones come with a facility of SMS (Short Message Service). The SMS has tremendous potential to be a very effective business communication tool. The smart mobile devices have several inbuilt applications and others are downloadable. Such applications run with the help of GPRS internet connection. Thus, such GPRS enabled mobile devices to provide better business communication opportunities.