Intra-B Commerce

Intra-B Commerce

Intra-B Commerce: Here, parties involved in the electronic transactions are from within a given business firm, hence, the name intra-B commerce. As noted earlier too, one critical difference between e-commerce and e-business is that e-commerce comprises a business firm’s interaction with its suppliers, and distributors/other business firms (hence, the name B2B) and customers (B2C) over the internet. Intra b commerce as the surname indicates is the business which takes places among the people of the similar firm only. When one department of business interacts with other departments then this communication is called intra b e-commerce. This refers to communication between the parties or persons who are the division of one firm only. It is transactions within the firm that is why it is called intrafirm.

While e-business is a much wider term and also includes the use of intranet for managing interactions and dealings among various departments and persons within a firm. It is largely due to the use of intra-B commerce that today it has become possible for the firms to go in for flexible manufacturing. Use of computer networks makes it possible for the marketing department to interact constantly with the production department and get the customized products made as per the requirements of the individual customer. In a similar vein, closer computer-based interactions among the other departments make it possible for the firm to reap advantages of efficient inventory and cash management, greater utilization of plant and machinery, effective handling of customers’ orders, and effective human resource management.

There might be numerous people in this business like the suppliers, customers, employees and other people who are a division of the business activities taking place in that firm. Generally, a firm has to contract with its suppliers, customers, human resources, etc. These are called intra B-commerce interactions. For example marketing department giving suggestions to the production department.

So, Intra b-commerce is a commercial transaction between the parties or person factor of one firm only over the internet. This refers to transactions between the parties or persons who are part of one firm only. Intra b-commerce transactions may involve:

(a) Interaction between any two departments of one firm,

(b) Placing orders and giving directions of suppliers,

(c) Recruitment, selection, and training of employees.


  • Easy to form and lower investment is necessary,
  • Convenience,
  • Speed,
  • Global contact,
  • Cost reduction.


  • Low individual touch,
  • Interruption in delivery,
  • A requirement of hardware,
  • Hazard,
  • Low moral principles.