Means to Overcome the Problems of Cooperative Society

Means to Overcome the Problems of Cooperative Society

Means to Overcome the Problems of Cooperative Society

Cooperative society means assistance of the society where a few people create a democratic institution voluntarily. Earning profit is not the main goal of cooperative society, rather prosperity of the members, ensuring the rights and dignity, develop, the worse situation, change the fate, believes, honesty, economic as well as increase the aides are the main goals of this society.

We can say that cooperative society movement is important to direct the ways of development of the mass poor, in-advanced and landless people of undeveloped and developing country. Though very earlier it was established, it can’t succeed due to various problems that we identified also. The means of removing the problems are given below:

Minimization of corruption and nepotism: It should take fruitful steps to minimize the attitude of corruption and nepotism which creates surrounding the cooperatives society. That’s why proper management procedure is necessary to develop the cooperative business.

Preparation of realistic plan: An effective plan should be formulated considering the reality for the cooperative society of the country. It is needed to determine where, how and how much it contributes to the national, central, and preliminary cooperative society. In what process cooperative runs smoothly, it should be determined under realistic plan also.

Providing incentive to the executives: The success of the cooperative society depends on the satisfaction and positive attitude of the executives. Proper incentives must be needed for motivating the executives in undeveloped and developing country. It should be understood that it is impossible to retain motivation without proper incentives.

Strengthening of training programs: The training program should be strengthened. Immensely in all sectors to accelerate the activities of the cooperative society. For that reason, supporting must be needed as well as NGOs.

Widespread publicity: Widespread publicity should be minimized in the national media’s on the positive side of the cooperative society. So that people can encourage an interest in the organization.

An increase of govt. cooperation: Though Govt. has a special administration for the Cooperative but not active. So in all sectors Govt. financial and non-financial cooperation should be increased.

Development of cooperative department: Cooperative department of the Govt. in which leads the cooperative movement of all kinds of bureaucracy, complexity must remove from this department for the betterment of the movement. That’s the efficient persons should be appointed.

We can comment that cooperative movement should be geared up. However, Govt. and other departments should be more active in the development of a cooperative society of undeveloped and developing country.