The objectives of external communication

External communication occurring in any form outside the boundary of a business organization. The objectives of an ideal external communication are as follows:

  • Collection of information

The main objective of external communication is to collect the information from outside the organization.

Every business organization has to maintain a relationship with the common people of the society so as to achieve the organizational External communication helps to keep a link with the people.

  • Contracts with customers

Every organization should know the taste, liking and disliking of its customers to increase the sale of its products or services. So, external communication is necessary to contract with customers.

  • Relations with suppliers

Every organization has many suppliers form that it collects raw material or finished goods to run the business. So there must be a good relationship between the firm and its suppliers.

  • Relation with financial institutions

One of the most important objectives of external communication is to keep a link with banks, insurance, and other financial institutions.

  • Relation with government

Every organization should obey the rules and regulations of the government. So, through external communication, it can keep the relationship with government agencies.

  • Shareholder relation

Shareholders are the owners of the company. The board of directors is liable to inform all the business affairs to the External communication is a must in this regard.

  • Others:
    • to keep the relation with regulatory bodies
    • To keep the images of the company
    • To keep the international relations etc.