Objectives of Chamber of Commerce

Objectives of Chamber of Commerce

Objectives of Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is formed by the several business people to the target goal achievement and which is the non-commercial organization. Every country has Chamber of Commerce to ensure proper business environment. Here explain some common and important objectives of Chamber of Commerce. They are as follow-

Protection of the interest of the numbers- To protect the members’ interest and for their welfare the chamber of commerce presents different related claims to different authorities. The main objective of chamber of commerce is to protect the interest of the members.

Counseling and supporting- Chamber of commerce counsels its members on different business related subjects and supports them.

Reprinting in the cousin and abroad- Chamber of commute represents it members in various places and Govt programs. It also acts as the government’s representative is abroad.

Provide leadership- Chamber of commerce acts as a leader by determining and providing guidance on its members. It leads them by showing the right path for the business deals.

Exchanging of views- One important objectives of the chamber of commerce is to exchange views, ideas and expectations among various local and foreign investors, Govt. or self-governed agencies for creating a proper business environment. It also forms forum for the exchanging of views.

Collecting, analyzing and providing business related matters- Chamber of commerce collects different information about the socio-economic business related topics and then analyzes it to prepare report. This report is then distributed through features, bulleting memorandum, weeklies, journals etc.

Settling disputes- If any conflict occurs in case of exchange in domestic and foreign trade then chamber of commerce takes necessary steps in settling them.

Helping the Government in formulation of Trade law- Chamber of commerce advises the Govt. while formulating laws related to the import -export, banking, insurance, investment, industrial relations, economies etc. It also pressures Govt. to rectify any law which hampers the development of business of the country.

Issuing the certificates of origin- The issuing of certificate of origin is one of the most essential tasks for the chamber of commerce. This is issued for the foreign importers and the foreign clients.

Market study– One of the co-operative tasks of the chamber of commerce is the studying of market. It studies market, collects information, publishes these information for the assistance of the related members.

Act as the arbitrator- If there are any misunderstandings and the conflicts arise in the domestic and the foreign trading, the chamber of commerce tikes the initiative actions regarding the settlement of disputes among the members.

Attracting the foreign investment- The chamber of commerce performs a significant role in the increasing of foreign investment to the domestic market, encouraging the foreign companies to the investment here more.