How Can Communication Increase the Efficiency of Management?

How Can Communication Increase the Efficiency of Management?

Communication Increase the Efficiency of Management

Efficiency of managers and workers at all levels of organization mostly depend on effective communication system. Performing management functions efficiently and coordinating these functions with one another require communication. Thus, communication is regarded as an integral element in achieving organizational success.

Communication is pervasive in all managerial functions. In performing managerial functions like planning, organizing, directing, motivating, coordinating and controlling, managers must engage in internal and external communication.

In true sense, communication is the vital part of a manager’s job. What a manager wants to be done, how to be done, when to be done, by whom to be done etc. must be communicated to employees. In absence of communication, managers cannot establish relationships with subordinates, cannot motivate them, cannot control their performance, cannot direct them, and above all, cannot lead them effectively. Thus, effective communication greatly determines the effectiveness and efficiency of managers.

Success of an organization depends on timely performance of its activities. Communication helps the managers in determining appropriate course of actions, conveying their orders and instructions to the subordinates, getting response from the subordinates, and maintaining contact with the panics outside the organization. Thus, we can conclude that with the help of communication managers can perform their duties effectively and efficiently.