Challenges or Problems of Electronic Communication

Challenges or Problems of Electronic Communication

Challenges or Problems of Electronic Communication

Even though electronic communication provides wide range of advantages, it is not defect free. Some of its drawbacks are as follows-

Loss of information: The great challenge of this communication is that information may loss at any time due to virus, hacking, machinery breakdown and so on.

Loss of secrecy: In this communication, it is very difficult to maintain secrecy of information. Anybody can copy the information from the electronic media and can use them for their own interest.

Dependency on technology: Electronic communication is dependent on electronic device. Such dependency may negatively affect the productivity of people. Due to technological breakdown, the day to day operation of a business may stop. For example, one cannot work with computer in the absence of power supply; or someone communicating through video conferencing or e-mail, can stay idle due to a problem on the satellite or internet connection.

Absence of legal validity: Information transmitted through electronic media has little or no value in the eye of law. Because such information cannot be produced as document in time of need.

Heavy investment requirement: Heavy investment requires for installing electronic communication devices. So every organization cannot afford modern devices of electronic communication.

Technological obsolescence: Technology makes creative destruction. That is, new technology brings new ways of developments and at the same time makes the existing technology obsolete overnight. Therefore, devices of electronic communication need to be replaced at a regular interval.

In spite of having the above mentioned limitations of electronic communication, we cannot deny its utility in business, social life and even in personal life.