Independent Float in Critical Path

Independent Float in Critical Path

A critical path is an activity or event that, if delayed, will delay project completion. It is the chain of stages formative the least time needed for an operation, particularly when analyzed on a computer for a big organization.

Independent Float: Obtained by deducting the late start plus the activity duration from the Early Finish. It is that portion of the total float within which an activity can be delayed for start without affecting the float of the preceding activities. This float virtually leaves no time for breathing since the predecessor activity has started late, and the successor activity is scheduled for an early start, after utilizing the time duration for the activity. In project management, it is the amount of float on an activity that does not affect float on preceding or succeeding activities. Most of the time, the slack time available is ZERO for this float. It is computed for an activity by subtracting the tail event slack from its total float.

Thus, an independent float can be calculated as under:

Independent Float = Total Float – Tail Event Slack

Note: In case a negative value is obtained, it is taken as zero.