Difference between Formal and Informal communication

Difference between Formal and Informal communication are:

Formal Communication

  • Definition: When communication takes place through the formal official channels then it is known as formal communication.
  • Flexibility: Formal communication is not flexible.
  • The degree of control: Formal communication is totally controlled by the management.
  • Evidence: It has documentary evidence.
  • Discipline: Official discipline is strictly maintained on formal communication.
  • The flow of information: Formal communication information can flow only upward and downward.
  • Speed: Here speed of communication is slow.
  • Secrecy: In case of formal communication, secrecy can be maintained.
  • Rumor: There is no scope for creation of rumor on formal communication.
  • Distortion: Generally, information is not distorted.

Informal Communication

  • Definition: Any communication by Passing the formal channels can be termed as informal communication.
  • Flexibility: It is flexible.
  • The degree of control: It cannot be controlled like formal communication.
  • Evidence: It has no documentary evidence.
  • Discipline: Official decorum and discipline are not followed.
  • The flow of information: In informal communication, information flows freely in all direction.
  • Speed: Informal channels are very fast; here information can be transmitted instantly.
  • Secrecy: Here maintaining secrecy is very difficult.
  • Rumor: Due to its flexible nature rumor can be created.
  • Distortion: As official decorum is not followed information can be distorted.