Importance of Consumer Protection from Consumer’s point of view

Importance of Consumer Protection from Consumer’s point of view

Importance of Consumer protection from Consumer’s point of view

Consumer Protection has a broad program. It not only includes educating customers about their rights and responsibilities, but also helps in getting their grievances redressed. It not only requires judicial apparatus for protecting the interests of customers but also requires the customers to get together and form themselves into customer relations for protection and promotion of their interests.

Consumer Protection is a phrase given to a practice wherein we require protecting the customer from the unfair practice, educating them about their rights and responsibilities and also redressing their grievances. At the same time, consumer protection has a special importance for businesses too.

From Consumer’s point of view –

The importance of consumer protection from the consumers’ point of view can be understood from the following points:

  • Widespread Exploitation of Customers:

Uninformed, unaware customers may be exploited by dishonest/ abusive and inequitable trade practices like faulty goods, corruption, fake and ambiguous marketing, etc. Customers might be exploited by unscrupulous, exploitative and unfair trade practices like defective and unsafe products, adulteration, false and misleading advertising, hoarding, black-marketing, etc. Customer is been oppressed through the ways of corruption, false practice, fake weights, partial information on packaged products, ambiguous Advertisements.

Consumer protection provides defend to the customers from such operation. For example, there are lots of products that maintain to make you fair or decrease your weight but when you use the products it does not endow with what is promised.

  • Unorganized Consumers:

Though we do have customer association working in this way, sufficient customer security is necessary to provide control and rights to these organizations to shield and support the interests of customers. Consumers need to be organized in the form of consumer organizations which would take care of their interests. We need a customer Organization which can unify the customers and facilitate them inquires about release with their customer issues.

  • Consumer Ignorance:

A customer when seeing it from their point of views then we have gathered some aspects to it. In the light of widespread ignorance of consumers about their rights and reliefs available to them, it becomes necessary to educate them about the same so as to achieve consumer awareness. In the light of extensive unawareness of customers about their rights and reliefs accessible to them, it becomes essential to inform them about the similar so as to accomplish customer consciousness. Of which, customer unawareness needs to be taken care of they should know how to implement their rights and how to inquire about reliefs.

Consumers need protection against such malpractices of the sellers.