Use of Ultrasonic Sound

To clear the dirt of clothes: The clothes can be washed by the modern washing machine. Mixing soap or powder soap with water the clothes are soaked in it then ultrasonic sound is passed through it. This sound removes the dirt from the clothes and they are cleaned.

To diagnose disease: As the internal photograph of human body can be captured by X-ray, in the same way the disease can also be identified by capturing picture through ultrasonic sound. This process is known as Ultrasonography. This sound is transmitted inside the body and the reflected sound is converted into light energy and casted on the television screen. As a result, the disease can be identified.

In medical science: Ultrasonic sound is used for scaling the teeth or to remove the stones from teeth. Ultrasonic sound is also used to remove small stones from kidney by turning them into dust.

For other uses: Ultrasonic sound is used to find out fine cracks in metal blocks or metal sheets, to clean tiny electronic machines and also to destroy the harmful genus.

The uses of infrasonic sound: The range of infrasonic sound is from 1 Hz to 20 Hz. Men cannot hear this sound but some animals can hear it. Elephants communicate with each other using infrasonic sound. This sound can travel a long distance without any change. This type of sound is produced during earth quakes and nuclear explosions and destroys many things with great shake.