Advantages of Personal Selling

Advantages of Personal Selling

Advantages of Personal Selling

Personal Selling is a personal form of communication where direct face to face conversation takes place between the buyer and the seller for the purpose of exchanging goods and services. Companies appoint salespersons to contact prospective buyers and create awareness about the product and develop product preferences with the aim of making sale.

Flexibility: There is lot of flexibility in personal selling. The sales presentation can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the individual customers.

Direct Feedback: As there is direct face-to-face communication in personal selling, it is possible to take a direct feedback from the customer and to adapt the presentation according to the needs of the prospects.

Minimum Wastage: The wastage of efforts in personal selling can be minimized as company can decide the target customers before making any contact with them.

Helps in Identifying Needs: It helps in identifying the needs & wants of the customers so that they can be satisfied by getting best products.

Latest Market Information: Under personal selling, customers are provided with information regarding availability or shortage of product, introduction of new product etc.