Objectives of Promotion

Objectives of Promotion

Promotion means the employees present position to higher position. This may be the result of either a successful application for an advertised vacancy or, where appropriate, personal promotion. The major objective of a promotion is to defend the right, the superiority of a worker and keep his/her support seat in the parent department when an employee reverts to his/her parent department.

Objectives of promotion: Objective/purpose of promotion which is explained below –

To motivate employees: For making employees encourage and interest towards the job, the company provides the Promotion opportunity.

To ensure rapid performance: They don’t think it as company’s job rather thinks it as their own jobs. That is why it becomes easy to gain the success of the company. It is only possible for promotion.

To increase efficiency: Promotion increase efficiency skill and the ability of the company as well as employees.

To make a balance: Promotion helps the company keep a balance between employees work and their feedback.

To develop potentiality: Promotion encourages the employees to show their creativity and clever in the job.

To increase loyalty: This process makes employees loyal towards their company.

To make the people responsible: Promotion makes the employees more responsible.

To increase consciousness: Promotion increases the consciousness among the employees. They work consistently for getting Promotion.