Role of HR Management in measuring Organizational Climate

Role of HR Management in measuring Organizational Climate

Role of HR Management in measuring Organizational Climate

The human resource department ordinarily coordinates the entire procedure, from obtaining or designing the questionnaire to administrating the questionnaire and tabulating the results to helping managers and groups use the results in constructive ways. The organizational climate affects productivity, motivation, and employee behavior.

Although climate surveys vary in content, a typical one would ask employees to indicate their perceptions or feeling about those categories.

(1) Structure: the feeling that employees have about the constraints on the group, how many rules, regulations, procedures there are; is there an emphasis on “red tape” and going through channels, or is there a loose and informal atmosphere?

(2) Responsibility: the feeling of being your own loss; not having to double-check all your decisions; when you have a job to do, knowing that it is your job.

(3) Reward: the feeling of being rewarded for a job well done; emphasizing positive rewards rather than punishments; the perceived fairness of the play and promotion policies.

(4) Risk: the sense of riskiness and challenges in the job and in the organization; is there an emphasis on taking calculated risks, or is playing it safe the best way to operate?

(5) Warmth: The feeling of general good fellowship that prevails in the workgroup atmosphere; the prevalence of friendly and informal social groups.

(6) Support: the perceived helpfulness of the managers and other employees in the group; emphasis on mutual support from above and below.

(7) Standards: The perceived importance of implicit and explicit goals and performance standard: the emphasis on doing a good job, the challenge represented in personal and group goals.

(8) Conflict: The feeling that managers and other workers want to hear different opinions; the emphasis placed on getting problems out in the open rather than smoothing them over or ignoring them.

(9) Identity: the feeling that you belong to a company and you are a valuable member of a working team: the importance placed on this kind of spirit.