Written Methods of External Communication

Written Methods of External Communication

Written Methods of External Communication:

External communication serves the organization in various ways. It can take place by using various means and methods. The followings are the prominent methods of exchanging information with the outsiders.

The major written methods of external communication are as follows:

  • Local messengers: Local correspondents are employed to deliver written messages to remote areas. The messenger personally delivers the written message to its local receiver. This is a costly method of sending message, as it requires employment of messengers.
  • Postal telegraph: We can take the help of postal department to disseminate information to various external parties. By means of telegraphs and posting letters, information can be exchanged among persons.
  • Tele-printer and telex: Modern businesses use tele-printer, telex, and facsimile machines to communicate with external parties in home and aboard. Though these are expensive in nature, they are used popularly for quick transmission of information.
  • Website and internet: Websites are used as the information store. By opening website, information is kept readily available tut the probable inside and outside users. Internet is an electronic device tor exchanging information worldwide quickly.
  • As compared to fax and telex, internet and website are less costly, sophisticated, effective and easier method of exchanging external communication.