Contents or Elements of Business Status Inquiry Letter

Contents or Elements of Business Status Inquiry Letter

Contents or Elements of Business Status Inquiry Letter

When a business enterprise writes letter to another business enterprise for collecting information about a prospective customer, it is known as business status inquiry letter. While drafting this letter, the following contents should be included:

Name and address of the business: The enquirer must mention full name and address of the business enterprise about which information is asked.

Cause of inquiry: In the letter, the writer must clarify the cause of writing it. This enables the receiver to supply necessary and relevant information.

Making specific inquiry: The latter of business inquiry must contains specific questions so that the receiver can provide the required information. Questions are usually asked relating to financial capability, goodwill, nature of business dealings, and honesty of the enterprise.

Promising to maintain secrecy of information: An important aspect of inquiry letter is to assure the receiver that information provided by him will be kept secret.

Assuring further cooperation: The writer of the letter should assure the receivers that they would be provided similar help in future if they need.

Expressing gratefulness: The sender should express gratitude or thanks to the receiver for cooperation. The writer can express gratefulness by some friendly comments like “Any cooperation will be highly appreciated” or “Thank you in advance for your response.”

Enclosure: The sender should enclose a return envelope with the letter. It facilitates quick response from the receiver.

Signature: At the end of the lain, sender should put his signature along with his full name and position.