Considerable Factors and Guidelines of Visual Presentation

Considerable Factors and Guidelines of Visual Presentation

Considerable Factors and Guidelines of Visual Presentation

Visual presentation means linear presentation of any abstract form or of any reality. Any message becomes more attractive and livelier when it is presented visually. The following points arc to be considered in selecting the proper visual aids:

Simplicity: Whatever the visual aid is in use, it should be simple and easy. The readers may not understand the message when they are presented in a complex tool.

Careful use: Now a day, various types of visual aids have been evoked. So, utmost care should be taken in selecting the appropriate and relevant technique for presenting data.

Placement of the aids: The visuals should be placed closely to the paragraph of written message where the subject is discussed. In oral presentation, the visual aids should be introduced at the time when the speech is delivered.

Introduction and interpretation of visual aids: The visuals should be introduced to the readers as briefly as possible. An interpretation of the visuals should be enclosed in order to make those visuals clearer to the readers or audiences.

Expression of figure: Rounded off figures should be presented in the visuals. Occasionally, figures are presented in percentage of value instead of their original form.

Selecting the appropriate aids: Different types of visuals are suitable for presenting different types of data. For example, Outline charts are suitable for prose overviews; Bar charts are ideal for comparing two or more set of data etc.

Size: The size of the visuals should be such that the readers can observe and distinguish them easily.

Humorous presentation: Considering the importance of message, nature of the readers and the degree of formality, the message should be presented in a humorous, interesting and colorful way. For example, colorful, fascinating and attractive pictures, maps and figures are used in children’s books and in the booklets for increasing social awareness.