Importance and Advantages of Circular Letter

Importance and Advantages of Circular Letter

Importance and Advantages of Circular Letter

Circular letter circulates information relating to a company, its products, and services, etc. to a large number of people at a time. It is a letter, note or document that is addressed to a related group of people and which mainly focuses on business issues. It plays an important role in the growth and development of business. It is one of the most important letters which is written most frequently. Its importance is briefly discussed below:

  • An easy method of conveying information:

A circular letter is the easiest, simple and effective way to convey any information to a huge number of people. The prime advantage of this letter is that it is able to send a message or information to a huge number of people at a time at a cheaper rate. It also produces prompt feedback from the respondents.

  • Achieving Economy:

A circular letter can be used for the wide publicity of products. News related to product, service, and customer is given to a large number of people that help to expand the business or market base of a company. As a result, organizations can save the cost of sending letters to different parties separately and can gain the economy.

  • Saving time:

A circular letter transmits information to a large number of people at a time. By it a message can be sent to a good number of audiences at a time, hence it saves time of sending a message to individual persons or customers. It does not require reaching each individual separately. Thus, it saves time.

  • Less effort:

Circulating information to each individual separately is a time consuming and laborious job. The circular letter helps to overcome this problem. Through a circular letter, we can communicate with a large number of people at a minimum effort.

  • Cost-effective:

It is a cost-effective method of sending a message. Since it can send messages to a big number of readers at a time, the reaching cost per reader is reduced enormously. It, in fact, saves money of the organization.

  • Creating market:

Through a circular letter, a company can inform potential customers about its products and services. The message circulated by this type of letter arouses interests in the minds of the people and thus it creates a new market for products or services. In this way, a new market can be created.

  • Increasing consumer’s confidence:

Convincing and attractive circular letters can easily touch the reader’s bract and thus helps to enhance consumer’s confidence in the company’s products.

  • Introducing a new product or service:

A circular letter is broadly used to introduce a new product or service to the mass people or target market so that they show their interest in it.

  • Creating public consciousness:

In a circular letter, information like price, quality, utility, place of availability, etc, are mentioned in detail that makes people more conscious about the product. Through these letters, the customers are informed about the social welfare activities, quality of the products, quality of the products, etc. of the company.

A well-furnished circular letter is reasonably able to win the hearts of many customers at a time. It contributes a lot to combat competition. It enhances the goodwill of the company to the mass people.