As a strategic manager how would you communicate Strategic Vision?

As a strategic manager how would you communicate Strategic Vision?

Strategic visions are ideas for the direction and activities of business development. Generally included in a document or statement so all company managers can share the same vision for the company and make decisions according to the shared principals and company mission.

Forming a strategic vision is not sufficient enough for a company’s success. It must be clearly communicated down to the line managers and employees. Therefore, as a strategic manager, I shall first try to communicate the strategic vision is clear and exciting terms so that it produces organization-wide commitment. However, I shall also follow the following steps:

Breaking down resistance to a new strategic vision: Failure to understand or accept a new direction may create resistance or conflict among employees. Hence, the strategic vision has to be repeated often and reinforced at every opportunity, until it gains organization-wide acceptance.

Putting the vision statement in writing: Finally, I shall put the vision statement in writing to avoid confusion. Because an oral statement has many limitations. So, a vision statement should be in a written form which must be simple and clear, using no more words.

So, this is the way by which I shall communicate the strategic vision.