How Market Reports based on Product and Service?

How Market Reports based on Product and Service?

Market reports based on product and service: Generally, market report is a report related to market operations. In the broader sense, when a report is prepared on the basis of buying and selling, demand, supply, price fluctuations, market tendency, price index, method of price determination, transfer of title etc. of a particular product in a particular market place at a specified time, it is called market report. This type of market report can also be classified into the following three categories:

(i) Market report on industrial goods: Industrial goods are those that are not used in consumption but used in producing consumer goods. When reports are prepared containing market transactions on any industrial goods, these are termed as market reports on industrial goods. Market reports on jute, petroleum, coal etc. are the examples of market report on industrial goods.

(ii) Market report on consumer goods: The reports that contain market transactions on agricultural and manufactured consumer goods are known as market report on consumer goods. By nature these reports are of following two types:

  • Market report on agricultural consumer goods: When a market report contains market information on various agro products, such as pulses, fish, meat, vegetables etc., it is termed as market report on agricultural consumer goods.
  • Market reports on industrial consumer goods: This type of market report includes transactions only on industrial consumer goods, such as oil, soap, garment, shoe, television etc.

(iii) Market reports on service provided: Sometimes market reports are prepared by incorporating various data on different service provider companies, like banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies etc. These reports are known as market reports on service provided.