Why Do We Involve in External Communication?

Why Do We Involve in External Communication?

Irrespective of size and nature, every business organization requires external communication for its survival, success and growth. In one side, it informs the company’s internal issues to the outsiders and obtains information form the outsiders on the other side. Therefore, for smooth running of business operations, external communication is essential like internal communication. The following factors will best describe its objectives and importance:

To exchange Information with the outsiders: The primary objective of external communication is to exchange information about products and services of a company, innovation of new products, opening new branches, achievement of awards, job vacancies, contribution to the economy etc.

To maintain relation with government agencies: For their own interest and legal bindings, business organizations need to maintain relation with various government agencies like, customs authority, income tax authority, licensing authority, hoard of investment, post and telecommunication authority, etc.

To maintain relation with private agencies: Business organizations must maintain relation with various external prone stakeholders like, distributors, suppliers, retailers, customer and other concerned parties to ensure their survival and growth. In the absence of communication with these stakeholders, a business will die.

To face competition: In this highly competitive business environment, many companies produce products of same use. But, all the producers cannot sell equally well. The organization that can communicate with the consumers better, can also sell better.

To build a favorable image: External communication is also essential to create a favorable usage about the company. Therefore, many companies arrange meetings, organize seminars and participate in community development and social welfare programs. Though these ways companies communicate their philosophy, values, and success to the outsiders and try to create favorable public image.

From the above discussion, it is clear that external communication is the effective way to represents the company to the outsiders. It conveys information to the outsiders as well as gathers information from them. Consequently, organizations can achieve their goals.