Guidelines for the Interviewee for Job Employment

Guidelines for the Interviewee for Job Employment

Guidelines for the Interviewee

Employment interview is mainly aimed at selecting the best candidate for the job. Getting a job offer mostly depends on performance during the interview session. The following guidelines can help the job seekers to face interview successfully:

Taking adequate preparation: Before appearing at the interviewer, job seekers should take sufficient preparation to boost up their confidence. For this purpose, they can prepare a list of probable questions and can practice them at home.

Creating good first impression: There is a popular saying that “first impression lasts long.” If the interviewee can create a positive impression at the first sight or first conversation, the interviewer is likely to shoal a positive attitude towards him/her. Creating a favorable impression requires the following:

  • Grooming: The interviewer gets first impression about the job candidates from their appearance. Therefore, they should well-groomed through neat and well-trimmed hairs, shining shoes, clean and trimmed fingernails.
  • Appropriate clothing: Dress or clothing of the interviewee should be gentle looking. Dress indicates personality, choice, sincerity, and interest of the applicant for the job. Dress should reflect the knack or liking for the profession or job.
  • Punctuality: Punctuality of interviewee is a factor that interviewer observes very keenly. In a job interview, the candidate should never be late rather should arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview. This will help to be relaxed and to be familiar with the situation.

Listening carefully: Interviewee should listen to the interviewer very carefully. When Interview starts interviewee should wait for interviewer’s cues both verbal and nonverbal. For instance, interviewee should not sit until invited to do so.

Giving concise answer: Questions should be answered concisely and directly. Unnecessary talking or responses should be avoided.

Clear Speaking: Clear speaking is an integral part of creating good impression. Whatever the interviewee say, it should be clearly voiced and pronounced.

Confidence in speaking: Interviewee should have confidence in speaking. While answering the questions, he/she should believe that the answer is correct.

Interest in the employer’s business: Interviewers try their best to select the committed candidates. For this purpose, they want to know the extent to which the applicant is interested to get the job. Therefore, the applicant should show his/her interest in such a way as if he/she is already working in this company.

A firm handshake: The candidate should shake hands firmly rather than loosely. A firm handshake reflects the level of confidence and mental strength of the interviewee.