Forms of Organizational Communication

Forms of Organizational Communication

Forms of Organizational Communication

From a broader perspective, organizational communication takes three different forms, such as,

  • Internal operational Communication
  • External operational Communication and
  • Personal Communication

These three forms of organizational communication are highlighted below:

Communication that occurs for carrying out operations of the organization is known as internal operational communication. Communication with the external parties or groups is known as external operational communication. Communication that occurs for exchanging personal information, ideas and feelings rather than business related information is termed as personal communication. Not all communication that occurs in business is personal.

In the opinion of Kitty O. Locker, “Interpersonal communication is communication between people.”

According to L. C. Bovee, “Interpersonal communication takes place between two people, enabling individuals to establish and maintain relationships and to coordinate decisions and activities.”

John M. Ivancevich and others said, “Interpersonal communication is one type of communication that travels from individual to individual in face-to-face and group settings.”

From the above discussion, we can conclude that when two, individuals exchange their views, feelings, and attitudes on any matter; it is termed as interpersonal communication.