Meaning of Non-verbal Communication

Meaning of Non-verbal Communication

Meaning of non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is the opposite of verbal communication. This form of communication uses neither any language nor any word. Therefore the communication, that occurs without using written or oral words can be termed as non-verbal communication is also known as non-word communication.

Non-verbal communication often expresses true feelings more accurately than the spoken or written communication. Although non-verbal communication were used in pre-civilization age to express human feelings, attitudes, wishes etc., this type of communication has recently drawn attention in the study of communication. In this communication, various symbolic expression, gesture, posture etc arc used in lieu of written or oral words.

According to Himstreet and Baty, “non-verbal communication includes any communication occurring without the use of words”.

L.C. Bovee and others defined, “Non-verbal communication expresses information without words, through gesture and behavior”.

Lesikar and Pettit defined, “Non-verbal communication means all communication that involves neither written nor spoken words but occurs without the use of words”.

Boone, Kurtz, and Block said, “Non-verbal communication is communication that takes place through non-verbal cues.”

In the words of Richard Woodman and others, “Non-verbal communication can be defined as non-word human responses and the perceived characteristics of the environment through which the human verbal and non-verbal messages are transmitted.”

Finally, it can be summed up that non-verbal communication is the way of communication where no oral or written word is used. Instead of oral and written words, various physical movements, tasks, color, signal etc. are used to express human feelings, attitudes, or wishes.