Meaning of Verbal Communication

Meaning of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the exchange of information through words. It may take the form of written or oral words. When words are used orally, then it is called oral communication. On the other hand, written communication occurs by using written words. Letter, memo, report, manual, notice, fax etc. are used as the means of written communication, while face-to-face conversation, interview, meeting, conference, telephonic talk etc. are the methods of oral communication. In combination with nonverbal forms of communication, verbal communication acts as the primary tool for expression between two or more people.

Bartol and Martin defined, “Verbal communication is the written or oral use of words to communicate.”

In the opinion of J. M. Penrose and others, “Verbal communication consists of sharing thoughts through the meanings of words.”

According to Bovee and others, “Verbal communication is the expression of information through language, which is composed of words and grammar”.

In conclusion, it can be said that verbal communication is the exchange of message by using either written or oral words. It has many purposes, but its main function is relaying a message to one or more recipients.