When and why employee’s orientation is important?

When and why employee’s orientation is important?

Orientation is the process of giving ideas, philosophy, and information about the organization to the newly appointed employees so that they can adjust themselves to the organization. Orientation is the planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, coworkers, and the organization.

When employee’s orientation is important: When new or fresh employees entered into the organization, organization planned orientation program to introduce new employees with their jobs, coworkers, supervisors, subordinates also feel them comfort.

Why employees orientation is important: An orientation process properly designed, should serve the following purpose –

  1. Make the new employee feel welcome basic at home and part of them.
  2. Make sure the new employee has the basic information to function effectively, such as e-mail access, personnel policies and benefits and what the employer expects in terms of work behavior.
  3. Help the new employee understand the organization in a broad sense (its past, present, culture and strategies and vision of the future).
  4. Start the person on the process of becoming socialized into the firm’s culture, values, and ways of doing things.
  5. Help the new corner to overcome his natural shyness, any nervousness he may experience in meeting new people in the new environment.
  6. Integrate the new employee into the organization and develop a sense of belongingness which is a strong motivational force.
  7. Supply information about the nature of the workforce, conditions of service and welfare facilities.
  8. Minimize the reality shock of new employees.
  9. Initiate the socialization process of the employee in the organization.
  10. Provide an opportunity to interact with other fellow employees.