Data communication

Data communication

Data communication is more specific terms that describe the transmitting and receiving of data over communication links between one or more computer system and a variety of input/output terminals. It is the procedure of using computing and communication technologies to transfer data from one place to another, and vice versa.

Data communication generally requires subsistence of a transportation or communication medium between the nodes wanting to communicate with each other, such as copper wire, fibre optic cables or wireless signals. It refers to the exchange of data between a source and a receiver via a form of transmission media such as a wire cable

For example, a common example of data communications is a computer connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection, which uses a wireless medium to send and receive data from one or more remote servers.

Components of data communication system –

A Communication system has the following components:

  1. Message: It can consist of text, numbers, pictures, sound or video or any combination of these.
  2. Sender: It is the device/computer that generates and sends that message.
  3. Receiver: It is the device or computer that receives the message.
  4. Medium: The medium can be wired like twisted pair wire, coaxial cable, fibre-optic cable or wireless like a laser, radio waves, and microwaves.
  5. Protocol: It is a set of rules that govern the communication between the devices.