A short Description about Tissue Culture Technology.

Here Describe some Tissue Culture Technology.

Collection of tissue: At the beginning of this method, the tissue of the selected plant should be collected.

(a) Small pieces of the apical meristem or axillary buds of the dissected stem.

(b) The dissected tissue of the embryo, endosperm or cotyledons.

Preparation of a culture medium: To perform tissue culture, a tissue culture medium is primarily essential.

This medium, which is usually essential for the sake of nutrition and growth of a plant is prepared with the coordination of all the necessary chemical elements. Different kinds of micro and macro elements, such as vitamin, sucrose, phytohormone etc. are essential to be in this method.

Making the culture germ free: Before performing the culture, the medium (such as test tube, conical flask etc.) is taken to a glass pot to make it free from germs.

Formation of callus through multiplication method: The part of the plant that is to be cultured will be put at a particular temperature and light. Later, the changes are introduced in the mentioned cultured tissue on the basis of the type of culture. The cultured tissue which is put in the medium turns into a callus first after it being divided repeatedly. Callus is a shapeless tissue pulp. Later new saplings are produced through orderly changes.