Enterprise Collaboration System

Enterprise Collaboration System

Enterprise collaboration system: Enterprise collaboration systems are a cross-functional information system that enhances communication, coordination and collaboration among the members of business teams and workgroups. It is an information system used to facilitate efficient sharing of documents and knowledge between teams and individuals in an enterprise. It describes how people cooperate and communicate across and further than their work environment.

It is a structure of communication among corporate employees that may include the use of a collaboration stage, project social networking tools, a corporate intranet, and the public Internet. ECS tools include the Internet, groupware, various forms of software and hardware and internal and external networks. Many enterprise collaboration software tools have features similar to those offered on popular social media sites.

The ultimate goals of an enterprise collaboration system are –

a) Communicating;

b) Coordinating;

c) Collaborating.

The objective is to present each user with the tools for managing communications, documents, and other information that individuals need to administer their own tasks efficiently in their departments.