Enterprise application integration (EAT)

Enterprise application integration (EAT)

Enterprise application integration (EAT) is the use of software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise computer applications. It is the translation of data and other commands from one application format into another. Typically, an enterprise has existing legacy applications and databases and wants to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies. It is the use of technologies and services across an enterprise to enable the integration of software applications and hardware systems.

EAI may involve developing a new total view of an enterprise’s business and its applications, seeing how existing applications fit into the new view and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.

The advantages of EAI are –

  • Real-time information access
  • Streamlining processes
  • Accessing information more efficiently
  • Transferring data and information across multiple platforms
  • Easy development and maintenance.