Professional Qualification of Company Secretary

Professional Qualification of Company Secretary

Professional qualification includes the following:

General knowledge on accountancy and taxation: Company secretary must possess fair knowledge on the system and principles of accountancy and law of income tax. He has to ensure that the company maintains the required books of accounts as specified in the Companies Act.

Expertise on company law: Functions of company secretary are mainly guided by company law. So the company secretary must have detailed knowledge on company law. He must ensure that the functions of the company such as arranging and conducting meetings; preparing agenda, writing minutes and resolutions; preparing and distributing share certificates, dividend warrants etc. comply with the provisions of the Companies Act.

Knowledge on rules of Securities and Exchange Commission: In addition to Companies Act, the company secretary must have adequate knowledge on the rules of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so that the company can enlist its name in stock exchange.

Knowledge on management: Management is the way of achieving organizational goals Company secretary must have desired knowledge on human resource planning, office management, and other fields of management.

Knowledge on trade and finance: Company secretary needs to have up-to-date knowledge on the trade, money and capital market, foreign exchange etc.

Knowledge on secretarial science: Since, company secretary prepares and drafts letters, notices, agenda, minutes, resolutions etc., he requires to have sufficient knowledge on secretarial science.

Computer literacy: Now a day, various business documents and instruments are prepared and maintained by computer. So, the company secretary should have proper knowledge to work with computer.

Knowledge on ancillary laws: Business activities are also controlled by various laws like, industrial law, commercial law, negotiable instrument act, factories act, payment of wage act, stamp act etc. Therefore, the company secretary must have knowledge on all of these laws and acts.