Types of Inquiry Letter

Types of Inquiry Letter

Types of Inquiry Letter

The letters that are written for collecting information about job seekers, prices, products, and services before awarding jobs, granting credit, making contracts, and giving promotions are known as letters of inquiry.

Based on purpose, there are two most common types of inquiry letters such as:

(1) personal status inquiry letter and

(2) business status inquiry letter.

Personal status inquiry letter: The letters that are written by prospective employers for obtaining information about job applicants are called personal status inquiry letter. Employers write this letter to obtain information relating to the applicant’s personal and family background, ability, skills, honesty, character, integrity, quality of performance, fitness for job etc. Generally, this letter is written to the referees mentioned by the concerned applicant. In response to this letter, the referees write a reply letter to the employer. This response letter may be favorable, unfavorable, or neutral to the applicant.

Business status inquiry letter: When a business enterprise writes letter to another business enterprise for collecting information about a prospective customer, it is known as business status inquiry letter. This letter is usually written for collecting information about financial capability, goodwill, nature of business dealings, honesty etc. of a business enterprise to determine whether to establish business transactions with it. Responses of this letter may be either favorable or unfavorable.