Types or Classification of Meeting

Types or Classification of Meeting

Types / Classification of Meeting

Meeting is a gathering of two or more people to discuss any predetermined issue of common interest among them. It is generally arranged to discuss any matter relating to business, social, political, religion etc. Therefore, the nature or type of meetings depends on its objectives and the issues discussed in it. The types of meeting from different point of views are discussed below:

General discussion meeting: When the members of meeting come together to discuss on any matter related to business, social, political, religion etc. among themselves are known as general discussion meeting. This type of meeting is arranged on a regular basis in some organizations.

Formal meeting: Formal meetings are arranged and conducted on regular basis or occasionally as per the predetermined rules, regulations and procedures of the organization. In arranging and conducting these meetings, pre-conditions of valid meetings are followed strictly and minutes of these meetings are preserved safely and orderly.

Informal meeting: When meeting its arranged and conducted not by following any predetermined rule is known as informal meeting. Generally, informal meetings are arranged prior to the formal meetings as part of preparation. This type of meetings are also arranged to conduct daily routine activities. In conducting this meeting, pre-conditions of valid meetings need not to follow strictly.

Private or family meeting: When meeting is arranged to settle personal or family matters is known as private or family meeting. In this meeting, concerned family members sit together and discuss the problem among them and finally settle the problem amicably. Since this is personal in nature, the proceedings of this meeting are not preserved strictly.

Public meeting / Political meeting: When meeting is called to address an important message to a large audience, it is known as public meeting. When political messages are addressed in this meeting is termed as political meeting. In this meeting only the organizers and their nominated persons deliver speech.

Company meeting: The meeting arranged as per the requirement of the company law for dealing with company affairs are knows as company meeting. Statutory meeting, director’s meeting, annual general meeting, creditor’s meeting, extra-ordinary general meeting etc. are the examples of Company meeting. Since these meetings are arranged as per the company law or any other prevailing convention, these are formal in nature.

Committee meeting: Generally, committee is formed by two or more persons to entrust them with some responsibilities. When the committee members sit to discuss their business, it is called committee meeting.