General Functions of Human Resource Management

General Functions of Human Resource Management

General Functions of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM)  is the set of activities reaching to procuring, developing, maintaining, and utilizing a group of people for the proper functioning of organization activities and achieving goals. HRM is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of. management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers.

General functions of Human Resource Management: Human resource managers and academics have debated for some time the point at which human resource management ends and other functional management begins. These functions are given below –

Formulation of Human Resource Policies: Human resource manager should plan for appropriate human resource policy in the organization and try to formulate it.

Procurement and selection of efficient employees: Another most important function is to procure efficient employees from different sources. Not only that, selection of human resources is also an important function of Human Resource Management. Only procurement and selection of human resources cannot help achieve the goal of Human Resource Management.

Guidance and placement: Proper guidance and placement can encourage human resources to perform their assignments.

Training and development: Training and development mean changing what employees know, how they work, their attitudes toward their work, or their interaction with their co-workers or supervisors.

Maintenance of working environment: Maintaining a healthy work environment is not only a proper thing to do but it also benefits the employer, like increased productivity, increased positive attitude towards their organization etc.

Job analysis: Job analysis is a technical procedure used to define the duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities of a job.

Remuneration: Workers come to work in the organization for getting remuneration. Without it, human resource cannot work. The human resources should be given reasonable remuneration to work properly.

Labor-management relations: The relationship between labor and management was built on conflict. A good labor-management relation is a must for organizational peace as well as work environment.

Maintaining discipline: Human resource managers should take proper disciplinary actions indiscriminately when indiscipline arises.

Career planning and development: Career development looks at the long-term career effectiveness and success of organizational personnel.