Advantages and Importance of Visual Communication

Advantages and Importance of Visual Communication

Advantages and Importance of visual communication

When communication occurs through visual aids like facial expression, personal appearance, gesture, posture, signs, symbol, nap, poster, slide, chart, diagram, graph etc., it is called visual communication. It does not use any conventional language or ‘word’ or ;’sound’ in exchanging information. In this complex age and competitive business world its utility cannot be denied. Its advantages, importance and objectives are discussed below:

Easy and understandably presentation of information: Visual aids help to present information in an easy and understandable way. Therefore, various visual aids like tables, charts and graphs are widely used in report writing along with written presentation.

Advantageous in comparison: In comparing two or more data series, visual presentation is more advantageous than descriptive presentation.

Understanding the features of information: Visual presentation of information facilitates in understanding the features and future trends of information.

Advantageous in communicating with the illiterate people: When information is conveyed to illiterate people, visual communication is more suitable. For example, to indicate ‘dangerous’, we use a skull placed between two pieces of bone put in cross wise fashion or to indicate ‘no smoking,’ we use an image showing a lighted cigarette with a cross mark on it.

Time saving: Visual methods of communication are faster than any other form of written and oral method. Therefore, if saves time and effort in conveying information. For example, when driven of a running vehicle are to be communicated that the road ahead is narrow or there is a turn in the mad ahead, we generally use signs or symbols rather than using any written or oral message.

Easy to make decisions: When information is presented visually it becomes easier and advantageous to the executives to analyze that information for taking proper decisions.

Increasing the attractiveness and effectiveness of visual communication: Visual aids enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness in verbal communication, when they are used in combination with written or oral communication.