Types of Report on the basis of Reporters Involved

Types of Report on the basis of Reporters Involved

Types of report on the basis of reporters involved:

Types of reports on the basis of the reporters involved in preparing than are as follows.

Report by single individual: The report which is prepared by one specific individual is called report by single individual. Report by foreman on daily production, report by sales exeutives on sales, report by company secretary etc. is known as report by single individual. The information is presented in an easy to read format through which clients can easily search for the required information to facilitate a more detailed and better decision-making process helping businesses reduce the amount of commercial risk they may venture to take.

Committee or group report: When a report is prepared by a number of people or a committee, it is called committee report. Necessary formalities and definite structure are followed in drafting this type of report. Working in the Group, Sort, and Total pane gives you the most flexibility when you want to add or modify groups, sort orders, or totals options on a report.