Objectives of memo

The memo is a widely used form of written communication for the business world. Memo serves a variety of purposes which are as follows:

  1. To use as future reference: memo is a written document. So, information can be preserved here easily and can be used as a future reference.
  2. To give permission: Top management gives permission to their subordinates for action to be performed within the organization.
  3. To request for help: A memo is a tool of cooperation and help. In the organization, it is used to co-operate each other to perform their activities.
  4. To seek suggestion: Top management provides advice and suggestion to their subordinates and sometimes they also seek suggestion from them on any matter through writing a memo.
  5. To provide instruction to the staff: Memo conveys necessary instructions of the top management for the staff to achieve organizational goals.
  6. To seek explanation regarding any matter: Memo provides brief’ explanation to the internal parties regarding any matter that enhances the productivity of their employees.