When to Walk Away from a VC who Wants to Invest in your Startup

When to Walk Away from a VC who Wants to Invest in your Startup

Venture capitalists add value in a variety of ways. For example, one of the backs of my business has a deep technology “pod” that generates events and content we are always welcome to be a part of.

One of our investors, not the VC, provides our full commercial support through a network of consultants who are there for business support. I can’t expect this from every vice chancellor, but if they say with this “resource” promise that they’ve come here to drive innovation and development, I’d expect them to deliver, like I have to back up the claim of having a team at Supermarket Machine learning researchers.

They may know who to talk to on the basis of roadblocks, what directions and who to continue the process with the same agencies. They can have enterprising partners who can follow you and a network of investors who can take part in the follow-on round. That’s where they add value. The best will try to connect with you personally. They are already fully prepared and shaking with questions.

Although they may have preconceived notions and potentially unintentional notions, they show encouragement by starting sentences with “what happens” and they leave me encouraged but thoughtful. I totally hope it will be provoked in the right way. However, some people also play play god. One experience suggested a big warning sign, one that would move me forward. I am satisfied to say that my business has some outstanding investors who get it perfectly. The head of our investors ’investment told representatives of one of New York’s top funds that their top deep technology portfolio firms are coming to town for a “blitz meeting session”.

They announced that they were committed to the point I was raising and that we were looking for new leadership investors. So, put it this way: I wasn’t the kind of person who took to the streets with the crazy idea, but after experiencing it you might think otherwise. Obviously, I don’t expect all VCs to open their hands and hug everyone, but there are engagement rules.