Travel Search Terms On Google Show Scale of Pent-Up Demand

Travel Search Terms On Google Show Scale of Pent-Up Demand

Google Figure has revealed how desperate customers can travel again. The agency said search demand for travel increased by 270% in May compared to May 2020, and that number is likely to increase. Surprisingly, searches for Portugal’s flight terms increased towards the end of May, and searches for places to stay in the United States increased by more than 75% year-on-year as sanctions were lifted in the country.

More recent statistics from Skyscanner this week revealed a massive increase in the volume of searches for destinations on the U.S. green list. Palma, Majorca searches increased 690% in 24 hours, Ibiza searches increased 845%, while Madeira searches increased 1749% at the same time. Google points to research that expresses changing needs and concerns from customers.

Skyscanner, for example, says travel companies are seeing an increase in advance bookings later in the year. Also, searches for the term “beach holiday” increased steadily in 2020 but “city breaks” have yet to recover compared to 2019 levels. The activities seem to be in the minds of consumers as well, with the term “near rent” seeing 100% global growth every year. Top searches in this category include kayak rental near me, bike rental near me and boat rental boat near me

After determining where consumers should go safely in the U.S. and are subject to restrictions, Google said searches for terms such as “where to go” increased along with the viewing of travel-related content on YouTube. Google’s tips for helping marketers in these turbulent times include what is and what will be epidemic-related and the differences include monitoring trends for implementing different strategies for visitors.

The 40-day tough lockdown that has caused economic turmoil across the country due to the push of demand and supply is finally getting easier. Do we see the light at the end of the tunnel with transparent dynamics? This refers to the progress in Google trends across categories. Google Trends is an interesting research tool that shows that a keyword can increase interest in a topic over time. A closer look across the sections reveals interesting insights.