Gift Guide; Give the Gift of Cannabis with These Nine High-Tech Smoking Devices

Gift Guide; Give the Gift of Cannabis with These Nine High-Tech Smoking Devices

Cannabis is increasingly becoming popular among geeks. Startups have reacted with inventive items ranging from laser-powered water bongs to CNC machined vapes to AI-powered herb grinders as marijuana becomes increasingly legal throughout the world. Do you have a friend that wants to get a little more creative with it? Give me high-tech consumption present. Please take responsibility for your actions.

Cannabis enterprises made significant progress in 2021 because of extraordinary customer demand. Companies like Dutchie and Jane Technologies secured hundreds of millions of dollars in new venture capital, resulting in an 82 percent increase in industry investment in the second half of 2021. Other startups, such as Leafly and Agrify, used public markets to generate money. 

Amazon ceased screening workers for marijuana usage, and Apple began treating marijuana in the same way it treats medicines, allowing users to purchase and pay for marijuana through applications (in states where it is legal). Cannabis has a bright future in 2022. Cannabis is already legal in 36 states, with momentum building in Washington to abolish the federal prohibition.

The Puffco Budsy is a terrific discreet water bong, and because to the Nalgene-style bottle, it is practically undetectable. Simply fill the bottle with water, place a flower in the concealed bowl, and hit the trails. When you are ready, lift the lid, light the bud, and inhale via the spout (which thankfully not connected to the water). Rinse and repeat as needed. Puffco released the Budsy on April 1, 2021, and it was not a prank. This is a real product, and it is a lot of fun.

Roger Volodarsky launched the firm in 2013 and has served as its CEO since then. Over the last few years, the firm has continued to invest in new dabbing products. The Puffco Peak Pro (see below) even has interchangeable ovens, allowing users to customize their smoking experience without having to buy a new rig.

My preferred method of smoking is using Dynavaps. They are small, battery-free, and create a large cloud of vapor. Consider it a one-hitter vape with a temperature gauge. To begin, use a torch or an induction heater to warm the tip. 

The cap will click in about 3-5 seconds, indicating that the herb is at the proper temperature and ready to use. The cannabis is good for 3-4 cycles. Furthermore, because the hat shields the ground flower from the flame, there is no combustion or smoke — only vapor — and very little odor.

In the company’s De Forest, Wisconsin factory, Dynavap vaporizers are CNC manufactured. George Breiwa founded the business in 2015, and it now employs about 40 employees. Several variations of the little metal vape are available from Dynvap, including this majestic “gentleman’s pipe” and the sleek, all-black Obsidium Omni for $250.