Why Does AI Keep Producing Pictures Of This (Slightly Terrifying) Woman in “Loab”?

Why Does AI Keep Producing Pictures Of This (Slightly Terrifying) Woman in “Loab”?

Fans of Crungus can rejoice once more since picture-generating AI has unveiled a fresh mystery: one system continues on producing an unsettling image of an unidentified woman. The individual who made the initial discovery claims that the woman, whom they have dubbed “Loab,” is “persistent, and she haunts every image she touches.”

When Twitter user and AI picture developer Supercomposite ran several tests with negative prompt weights, they discovered the face, which turns increasingly gruesome under specific prompts.

Typically, while creating an image, a user writes in a cue, such as “lovely kitty” or “Gordon Ramsey screaming at a baby,” that they want the AI to generate. Instead, you instruct the AI to produce something that is as dissimilar from the original prompt as possible by using negative weight prompts.

A logo of a town in silhouette with the words “DIGITA PNTICS” written across the front was produced when Supercomposite typed the term “Brando” as a prompt and negatively weighted it. Of course, AI doesn’t quite have the same concept of opposites as we do.

The AI not only produced a recognizable text that said “LOAB,” giving her her name, but also consistently displayed the same woman. The narrative of Loab is not over yet. Supercomposite then made the decision to use photos of Loab as a starting point for additional research.

Supercomposite stated on Twitter that “something about this woman is adjacent to incredibly violent and macabre visuals in the distribution of the AI’s world knowledge by some kind of emergent statistical accident.”

Regardless of the other prompt, Loab tended to dominate all pictures in which she appeared, changing the initial idea to one of horror and gore.

She would vanish by employing cues that Supercomposite thought was sufficiently removed from Loab to distort her. However, Loab would occasionally make surprising returns when creating derivative images utilizing these outputs.

As Supercomposite refused to disclose the system used for the initial construction, saying they didn’t want to “create some kind of viral trend of others doing gruesome stuff with the tools I’ve used,” it is unclear which system was actually employed. It’s also unclear what the logo has to do with Brando or why the AI would correlate it with ideas related to horror and gore from a negative prompt presenting that logo.

However, we are aware that these tiny puzzles frequently appear as a result of AI image generation. Another woman’s face, less horrific than the one above, known by users as “Miss Journey,” has continuously been produced by Mid journey.

Naturally, there will be a logical explanation for everything that has to do with the images that the AI has studied and how it connects ideas.

Alternatively, as Supercomposite clarified in a tweet to the media, “I have brought a real IRL monster to life.”