Explain General Properties of Lanthanides

General properties of Lanthanides

Electronic configuration

The electronic configuration of Lanthanides is listed in the table. The fourteen electrons are filled in Ce to Lu with configuration [54Xe ]4f1-14 5d1 6s2


Oxidation states

The common oxidation state exhibited by all the lanthanides is +3 (Ln3+) in aqueous solutions and in their solid compounds. Some elements exhibit +2 and +4 states as uncommon oxidation states.

La –                  +3

Ce –                 +3, +4, +2

Pr –                  +3, +4

Nd –                 +3, +4, +2

Radii of tripositive lanthanide ions

The size of M3+ ions decreases as we move through the lanthanides from lanthanum to lutetium. This steady decrease in ionic radii of M3+ cations in the lanthanide series is called Lanthanide contraction.