First Photo of Ghost of Kyiv Revealed By Former President of Ukraine

First Photo of Ghost of Kyiv Revealed By Former President of Ukraine

You’ve undoubtedly came across a pilot known as the “Ghost of Kyiv” if you’ve been unable to stop scrolling for updates on the situation in Ukraine. Since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, images and claims of a pilot shooting down six planes in a single day above the capital Kyiv have been spreading on social media. Ukraine also tweeted from its official account that the MiG-29 jet pilot was giving Russian forces major difficulty.

They explain in the accompanying film that “Ukraine possibly won its first ace since WWII,” before wishing the pilot “good hunting.” “He shot down six Russian military planes in the first 30 hours of the Russian invasion in February 2022. As of February 26, the occupants had ten military jets “The video keeps going. “You must shoot down five planes to become an ace pilot. The Ghost of Kyiv, on the other hand, fired twice as many.”

Ukraine, on the other hand, said in the same video that the pilot’s accomplishments were unsubstantiated. “Despite the fact that it is yet unknown who is operating the Ukrainian MiG-29 plane and whether he is responsible for the ten downed Russian planes, Ukrainians are thankful to this hero with brass balls who is eating Russian planes for breakfast.”

There are reasons to be dubious about the Ghost of Kyiv, as fascinating as the thought of a flying ace knocking down an invading troop sounds.

1. The propaganda of an ace pilot shooting down so many enemy planes seemed to be a little too good to be true.

2. Several military experts have questioned whether such accomplishments are achievable on current battlefields.

3. The ace’s footage comes from the battlefield simulation game Digital Combat Simulator.

According to Snopes, the video was initially released on YouTube by “Comrade Corb.” It was discovered to be a monument to the Ghost of Kyiv, which was constructed in a simulation. It then spread to other social media sites, where some individuals ignored the information that it wasn’t genuine, and it went viral. No authenticated film of the ghost doing the reported feats has surfaced, prompting some to speculate that he is most likely an urban legend, but one that serves as valuable propaganda for Ukraine. According to Task and Purpose, Russia lost roughly ten planes in the first two days.

Given Ukraine’s ground-to-air defenses and 98 aircraft, it’s implausible (but not impossible, if you choose to fantasize) that the ace shot down six planes in a single day. Nonetheless, numerous people have claimed to have recognized the “Ghost” pilot, one of whom is Ukraine’s former president. “The pilot of the MiG-29 may be seen in the snap. The same “Kiev Ghost.” He terrifies his adversaries and makes Ukrainians proud “Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, took to Twitter. “He’s beaten Russian pilots six times! Ukraine will undoubtedly win with such formidable defenders!”