MC-N10 Remote Camera Grip For The Nikon Z Mount

MC-N10 Remote Camera Grip For The Nikon Z Mount

Nikon has announced the release of its new MC-N10 Remote Grip in addition to its new, super-telephoto prime lens. The unique remote camera grip angle, which was created especially for Nikon Z mirrorless cameras, may be altered to accommodate the user’s shooting posture and necessary stance.

The remote camera grip can be utilized with a wide range of video recording devices utilizing the optional Rosette adapter thanks to the ARRI Rosette requirements. Depending on their demands, photographers can assign different functions to the buttons and dials on the camera grip. A USB-C connection makes it simple for photographers to attach to camera grips without having to worry about “radio-wave interference or crosstalk,” according to Nikon, and two AA batteries support up to 12 hours of use.

MC-N10 Remote Camera Grip For The Nikon Z Mount

“The MC-N10 is a remote grip that provides wired control over mirrorless cameras*1 that have adopted the Z mount. With the use of an optional rosette adapter, the MC-N10 can be connected to a variety of video-recording accessories thanks to the adoption of ARRI rosette specifications, which offer good compatibility with a wide range of accessories. Additionally, the mounting angle can be flexibly altered to fit the user’s shooting position and stance. A grip created for a solid and pleasant feel, as well as an intuitive button arrangement, have been implemented in addition to the compact and lightweight design that is perfect for transporting.

Nikon Z remote camera grip features:

  • The use of an optional rosette adapter makes it possible to attach to a wide range of video-recording devices thanks to the adoption of ARRI rosette specifications. Additionally, its fixed position may be changed to a cozy setting and angle to accommodate the user’s shooting postures. This is perfect for taking videos from the top or the bottom of a topic.
  • For capturing video and taking still photos, the MC-N10 can be used to make major adjustments and carry out operations. On the MC-N10, different functions can be assigned to buttons and dials, enabling an operation that fits the user’s preferences and operating style.
  • In addition to a small and light design that is perfect for carrying, a solid and comfortable grip and an easy-to-use button arrangement have been used.
  • Reduced dial operating noises and click-free command dials for smooth operation was accidentally captured on camera.
  • A quick and simple camera connection via USB (Type C connector) is possible without any radio-wave interference or crosstalk.
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous recording are possible with AA battery support.
  • Realizes the same dust and drop resistance as the Z 9, as well as -10°C/14°F cold tolerance.

The MC-N10 can be used even when the user moves the camera when zooming in or out and in scenarios where they want to alter settings, including exposure and control autofocus without touching the camera in an effort to reduce camera shake, by mounting the camera on a tripod’s pan bar or a gimbal. A small crew or even just one cameraman may capture videos more effectively using the MC-N10, which frees them up to focus more on making their videos.

“The MC-shape N10’s and button layout are modeled on those of the Nikon Z series, and it has a small, lightweight design that doesn’t restrict movement. This makes it possible to operate with ease no matter whether you’re using the camera body or the MC-N10. Additionally, click-less dials have been introduced for smooth operation and to decrease dial operation noises that may have been mistakenly captured on camera.

Source: Nikon