Uses of Computer

Computer is being used in many spheres of our life. The fields of using computer are-

  • Treatment: Computer is used for recording the appointment, identity, address, symptoms of diseases etc of patient, the selection of medicine, to examine the eye, X-ray or other diagnosis, the operation of heart and for the study of medical science.
  • Trade and Commerce: Computer is used to control the deposit of goods, for commercial communication, for booking ticket, banking system, for giving salary of the staffs, to make budget of income and expense etc.
  • Transport system: Computer is used to control traffic of ship, aero plane, motorcar, train etc, to control speed, to book ticket etc. Besides, computer is used to send, control and run space craft.
  • Industries: Computer is being used to produce goods in an automated process, to justify the quality of goods, to collect data, to provide salary of the employees, to maintain schedule of the work etc .To run an atomic reactor or to use such complex and modem machine, computer is very essential.
  • Education: Computer is being used for teaching in classrooms, for self-learning, to evaluate answer scripts and to publish results.
  • Defense: Computer is used to conduct Army, to control aims, to communicate etc.
  • Research: The uses of computer are increasing day by day in the field of research.
  • Printing: The use of computer has brought about a revolution the field of printing. The excessive cost of printing has been reduced for using computer to compose, design etc.